ECOGESTUS has experience in planning selective waste collection, from organic to a mono fraction. Some of the strengths arising from 11 years of experience in waste management:

  • Thousands of kilometres travelled indirect observation of the collection and transport of waste, from north to south of the country, in small rural municipalities (Lousã, Benavente) and urbanized areas (Coimbra, Mafra, Viana do Castelo)
  • 10-year practice in the logistics optimization of waste collection with the TOURSOLVER software, licensed to ECOGESTUS Lda., Since 2006
  • Low-cost structure design (waste park, eco-centre, waste recovery centres) in rural and peripheral areas
  • Integration of undifferentiated waste management with the selective collection and public cleaning and hygiene
  • Technical, Economic and Social Studies on the separation of waste at source
  • Preparation of tariff models, type PAYT / volume/weight, applied to Urban Waste in Portugal, Germany, São Tomé and Mozambique
  • Domestic Composting Actions and Environmental Awareness