About Us

Since 2005, we have combined high analytical and operational expertise,
in the field of waste management and urban cleaning.

ECOGESTUS presents multidisciplinary teams in the work it carries out, using people with experience in specific areas, from engineering to biology, through architecture.

The fieldwork carried out since 2005 allows us to ensure that teams specifically formed for each project have a deep knowledge of the context. The solutions indicated are reviewed from various perspectives, including technical, economic, social, and environmental.

In this sense, it is evident that the solutions proposed by ECOGESTUS will benefit the management of Resources, Promote the integration of communities, job creation, and local income generation...

We are partners of private and public organizations, NGOs, and other companies.
Our clients define us:

Private companies
Service providers in the area of waste collection and treatment.

From the north to the south of the country, including the islands, we have worked with several municipalities.

We have designed infrastructures and drawn up waste plans, as well as carried out characterization work.

São Tomé and Príncipe 
Design of the National Waste Plan (2012) and its revision (2018).

RD Congo
Analysis of waste collection in Kolwezi, Lumbumbashi, and Kinshasa, the largest cities in the country.

Consultancy in partnership with CH Consulting for the World Bank, focusing on improving waste management.

Charitable entities, NGOs, and other organizations working on environmental issues. 

Whatever the environmental consultancy needs of our clients, we will provide an assertive response focused on the challenge at hand.