International Waste Conference – Athens –June 2014

Antonis Mavropoulos, CEO and Founder of D-Waste, and D-Waste experts Alexandros Mavropoulos, and Aida Anthouli participated in the “2nd International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management” which was held in Athens, Greece on 12th-14th June 2014.

The Conference aimed to address the issue of sustainable solid waste management through the promotion of effective technologies and safe practices. The conference focused mainly on biowaste and other organic waste streams. It aimed at stimulating the interest of scientists and citizens and informing them about the latest developments in the field of municipal solid waste management with an emphasis on biowaste.

Antonis Mavropoulos, chaired in a session dedicated on tools in the field of waste management, where he underlined the need and importance of new ideas and expertise entering in the waste management sector. According to his words, globalization, urbanization, interconnectivity and new technologies have created a new framework, where solid waste management has to fit and adapt its practices to fit the needs of the new era.


In the session above D-Waste presented two papers. Mr Alexandros Mavropoulos talked about “Waste Atlas: A global waste management tool” presenting how users can take advantage of Waste Atlas content and what it can be its use for comparisons, benchmarking and forecasts. In addition, the achievements made so far were presented, included the 2013 Waste Atlas report, whereas special emphasis was put on the next steps of the Waste Atlas Partnership.

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Mrs Aida Anthouli presented the paper “Urban waste management and the mobile challenge”, explaining the added value of mobile technologies (smartphones and tablets) in the present and future practices of the waste management sector. She also highlighted the need for creating the right environment in order to promote such efforts, attracting in this way the necessary funding, and creating a suitable framework for such technologies to bring apt results.

The Conference is a part of the “ATHENS-BIOWASTE” project which aims at the separate collection of biowaste at source in selected areas of the Municipalities of Athens and Kifissia and the treatment of the collected biowaste in the Mechanical and Biological Treatment Facility of ESDNA in order to produce high-quality compost.