ERSAR Indicators – Urban Waste – December 2016

The company ECOGESTUS Lda. Since 2005 has been working in the field of urban waste management in Portugal, Europe and Africa.

We witnessed the presentation by the ERSAREntidade Reguladora dos Serviços de Águas e Residuos of the revision of the indicators, on 30.11, in Lisbon. And we accepted the challenge posed by ERSAR to those present: suggesting improvements to the “Indicators”. We believe that the country has in the “ERSAR indicators” an instrument for continuous improvement and knowledge of the urban waste sector.

We also believe that it is necessary that the indicators allow a more assertive comparison between small and large municipalities. The efficiency of the Management Entities (EG) must be evidenced by the objective indicators, allowing the deepening of the knowledge of the reasons that are at the origin of the good, and bad, results.

A final note for the fact that the information provided was selected by ECOGESTUS, representing only the company’s point of view.