ECOGESTUS has an integrated vision of the urban environment. We work for the benefit of sustainability, as a measure of the community’s quality of life, now and in the future.

We diagnose the problems and challenges, measure the efficiency of the use of space, establishing indicators.
After the initial phase, we move on to action proposals, analyzing the best solutions and developing sustainability guides.

At the end of ECOGESTUS action, success is measured by improving the well-being and quality of life of citizens.

ECOGESTUS presents multidisciplinary teams in the work it does, using people with experience.

The training of professionals accompanying ECOGESTUS covers the following core areas:

– Environmental Engineering – Sanitary Branch
– Mechanical Engineering – Logistics, vehicles and machines; recycling process
– Industrial Ecology – life cycle analysis
– Biology – composting and waste treatment
– Economy – cost-benefit analysis and economic feasibility and tariff studies
– Sociology – study of habits, demographic development, human resources frameworks and work models

The fieldwork carried out since 2005 allows us to ensure that the teams specifically formed for each project have a thorough knowledge of the context. The solutions indicated are reviewed from various points of view, namely at the technical, economic, social and environmental level.

In this sense, it is evident that the solutions proposed by ECOGESTUS will benefit the Management of Resources, encourage the integration of communities, the creation of jobs and the generation of income at the local level.

  1. We are agents of change, improving the quality of life of communities
  2. Creativity and competence in innovation
  3. Mobilizing and inspiring force
  4. Be recognized for the good work done
  5. We like what we do and offer good working condition


“We are supported by ECOGESTUS to introduce new solutions for the collection and treatment of urban waste in Africa. The low cost and efficiency of the proposed solutions are an asset"
José Silva Ferreira
“ECOGESTUS delivered us a new way of thinking waste collection”
Anna Larson
CONBIO, Sweden
"I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate ECOGESTUS for the report, we like it very much and we learned from you in this process, we think that you were tremendously constructive and that your findings and recommendations will serve a lot in the next phase"
Maite Mendizabal
TESE- Engineers Without Borders