ECOGESTUS promotes Environmental Awareness by informing people about environmental problems and their solutions. Transforming citizens into agents of change is our goal. Awareness-raising is a fundamental component in the evolution towards a more sustainable model of society.

We create specific environmental awareness programs for Waste, Health, Climate Change, Sea, Green Spaces, Biodiversity, among others.

We also believe that children learn by “doing”, that is, separating the remains of food and making the respective composting is more effective than just “talking about it”.

We do follow-up and monitoring

Services provided:

  • Creation of the “Composting Program: recycling with Nature” – with training for teachers, auxiliary students and distribution of composers in schools
  • Project Home composting in housing: it has as target all interested citizens who possess physical space for the practice of composting
  • “Recycle at School Programs” with the distribution of mini-ecopoints and activities to raise awareness of the importance of recycling
  • Organization of◦Seminars dedicated to “Environmental Challenges”
  • Preparation and distribution of leaflets on the theme of urban waste
  • Sensitizing the school community to the importance of Sustainable Development. Distribution of Local Agenda 21’s and others
  • Various contests on “Recycling” and waste recovery
  • Design and distribution of information material on the theme of marine pollution via wastewater systems
  • Activities aimed at the entire school population and the community in general, related to the celebrations of dates with special environmental interest (eg environment day, tree day)

The change that we intend with our interventions is based on providing the population with the means to allow easier action and better clarification on the daily challenges of sustainability.